Train Together

Get together with others who will commit to the process. Create some agreements (confidentiality, how to share, time, etc.) Use this site to stay focused and on track. Keep discussions toward how to grow in God's character and avoid theorizing without experience. People can spend much of their lives thinking or pondering God while avoiding taking action into developmental spiritual experiences. Learn through action and share upon it.

Progression with Godly character is key.


Experience God - The best teacher

Primary Purpose

There are many good purposes to have groups. Groups can be places to build relationships, learn from books, support each other through struggles, and have fun. All these are good purposes, both Biblical and spiritual.

The Bible has a primary objective for us  to "Love God," and we all fall way short of maximizing our potential with it. We can grow in much better alignment with God's great command. This group is created for that very purpose.

We ought to grow increasingly into alignment with God's grace, goodness, righteousness, and character. Not as an obligation, but as curious and interested explorers desiring to honestly and sincerely know God.

There will be conflict within each of us resisting and denying growth. We ought to pursue adherence to God's character at the expense of denying that resistance knowing it is the path of spiritual growth and much good.

Each group facilitator ought to keep the focus of discussions upon  personal growth and experience toward the great commandment of God. Theology is great, but experience is the best teacher. Theology without experience is simply weak theology. Demonstration is the best lesson. Facilitators ought to be truthful, gentle, patient, just/impartial and dedicated to growing with God.

There are many things that are good, but let's not sacrifice what is best for what is good. Let's stand firm and increase in grace.

Learn More

Subconscious Agenda

Cognitive Bias

Group think



Learning about our subconscious agenda can can raise our self-awareness to improve our ability to make better choices.

Helpful Tips

New Group

Invite and keep inviting. Have some snacks and ask for help. Share about yourself and get to know others. Meet outside of the group. It takes time to build relationships and relationships are key. Perhaps start a study with "Who is God" and practice prayer upon it.

Existing Group

The objective for this group is to experience God's will, grace, and righteousness more and more. It is different than usual book studies. Each group is unique in their level of readiness.

Discuss the Phases

Read together the Phases to decide where to begin. Try to set sights on the next Phase as you learn. For example, while in Phase One keep in mind what Phase Two is about. This can help us keep our focus on growth and improvement.

Talk Solutions

It's easy to discuss problems and such discussions can dominate the time in groups. Everyone ought to agree to focus upon solutions which usually involves Godly action.

Experience Builds on Itself

Shared experience can benefit everyone in the group. The Bible is full of examples using experience. Our stories ought to move in a similar direction as the characters within the Bible. Witnessing others grow in grace has profound affect upon us all. Grow with God.

Patience, Love, Forgiveness, & Mercy

Since we all sin and fall short of God's perfect ways we will all have issues, problems, and differences. Let's be patient with each other and keep our focus upon our own growth. Remind the group about this idea regularly.

Learn to use senses

God is invisible and intangible, yet we have a sensing ability to know God. This is a skill that requires development. We can build this skill with our seeking, following, obeying, practicing, God's ways. Regular introspection is required for improving our spiritual awareness. We have much to learn about God's love and can only learn that love through our continued development of it.