Phase Four - Building the Kingdom

More heart, mind, strength, soul

Having confessed my sin, experienced God reliance, and made restitution for harm done, I came to a point of peace. To maintain such peace was difficult. I kept looking to other people for what to do and how to do it, employers, professors, mentors, and pastors. People are not the mark to aim for. God is the mark to aim for and I kept forgetting that. I had to put into practice a daily plan to stay focused upon God. I needed a plan that would help assess my progress so I can be sure to stay right.

Phase four is to have a plan with achievable and measurable goals with clear objectives and to share about it with others.

Our primary purpose is to grow in truth, love, peace, compassion, impartiality/fairness/justice, patience, forgiveness, mercy, and generosity.

It's best to be in a group with regular attendance. Sharing our experience with each other is part of the process. We mentor, challenge, encourage, support, and prove to each other our growth with God keeping in mind It's not a competition. The proof is to provide evidence and give hope for those who may be helped and encouraged by it. Seeing change influences change. 

I facilitate groups where we help each other grow and learn God's amazing grace each week. I need to help others in order for my growth to continue. Much sincere love, humility, generosity, and compassion becomes alive as we help each other spiritually.

(Group participant)

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Teaching others is part of the deepest levels of knowledge. (Depth of Knowledge)

This depth of knowledge is used in curriculum development worldwide.

Perhaps not in church though for reasons unknown.