Inward Conviction

I found God through seeking God directly. I was told to complete a number of tasks: pray daily and meditate, get a service commitment, get a sponsor (mentor, spiritual guide who knows the process), make a resentment list, share the list and see my own part in it, find my own character defects, pray to God to be free of my character defects, make amends to others (restitution), and help others do the same. 

I came upon the Bible about 9 years later. Still having no real experience in church or the Bible I had high experience with God.I went to church and found the experience to be limiting. The action steps I learned to find God was not being taught nor demonstrated by Biblical teachers. I wondered why. I went to the Bible and found much validation of my experiences, but still wondered why the action steps I learned and the Bible teaches were not being applied nor demonstrated by church members openly and regularly. 

The God I had connected with outside of the church and the Bible was indeed the God I found in the Bible. The Bible is full of instructions described in many stories how others grew with God. Jesus lays out clearly how to behave. There is even sets of New Testament verses explicitly described as "Behave like a Christian" Romans 12:9 NKJV. We are clearly to do more and we can do more. 

I tried to ignore this, but my heart and mind wouldn't let it be. I experienced a better solution. I practice a better solution. I believe we can have a better system to grow with God. I have helped others grow a deeper and more enhanced relationship with God evidenced by their own testimonies. Most people I encounter will not pursue the direction offered because it is a difficult journey, but those who do are changed toward peace, love, and better relationships. We can have an improved insight to truth and many of God's expressions of grace that can bring much rest and peace for our souls today.

If you are ready to take new action toward a different way of living to grow in God's character email

Please read slowly and carefully all of Deuteronomy 30:11-20, Ezekiel 18, and John 15. Then see how they all relate:)