Inward Development Experience

Having been convicted in my heart, mind, and even dreams to do more to help others see what I have come to see, I began this long and difficult journey to create a way for others to learn, train, practice, and grow as the Bible suggest we do. This is not a quick, easy, or simple process to learn. Yet it can be with self-discipline, trust in God, and daily perseverance.

God is intangible and invisible. The only way to understand is to develop the use of our inward senses. (Described throughout the site) 

We are surrounded by misinformation. We have been instructed to test all things, even our own thoughts. Some of us might choose not take such action for different ungodly reasons.

Yet a much better spiritual way of life exists if only we choose to give ourselves over to it one day at a time. This involves a surrender of our ideas about life and a clinging to God's character traits more and more.

For me and others I know, this is not theology, it is a fact. It's a fact that exists just as fear and love exists. The same way we grow in fear and love is the same way we can grow with God. God is love (1 John 4). 

If I grow in fear (think and believe it) destruction comes. If I grow in love, goodness comes. Each day I choose where to set my hope, faith, heart, mind, strength, and soul.

Please read slowly and carefully all of Deuteronomy 30:11-20, Ezekiel 18, and John 15. Then see how they all relate:)

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We must work together to grow our understanding and experiences of God's will. Collaboration with truth and love is key.